Prostuti is Bangladesh’s first online model test system. It offers an unique system to helps students increase their expertise. Prostuti is intended for BCS exam, Bank job exams and other job tests in Bangladesh. I was the only developer behind it.

The main features of Prostuti:
Dynamic Model Test:Here every bcs exam and other job exams model tests are generated based on students previous history. It emphasizes on the areas where the student is weakHistory Page: Preserves history of the previously taken exams.Mistakes Page: Highlights mistakes that the student made earlier.Question Bank: Students have their own question bank, they can enrich it by participating in the exams.Current Affair: Provides a separate section with the Current Affairs which are relevant to the exams.Wishlist: Students can add the current affairs in their own watch list to study them later.Notice Board: Latest notices from different companies. It gives the student a heads up on latest jobs and stay focused on you study.More than 50,000+ Questions are in its library to make sure the students get the highest resources.Prostuti also has a blog section where different topics are discussed in details, you can visit it to stay focused. The blog part is developed in WordPress.
Students can take model tests on BCS Exam and Bank Job exams for free. All the exams are not available for free. Students need to purchase premium package to attend all the exams..

I spent 6 months to develop this website. Coded the system in the most efficient way that really helps.
The other persons who are behind prostuti is: Abu Arif, Sunil Kumar Roy, Sharif Ashikur Rahman and Abdur Rahman. They are all working in different sectors and together we want to provide the best solution to the students of Bangladesh.

  • Category : Development
  • Date : May 19, 2019
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